Narayan Hari Apte

Narayan Hari Apte

Narayan Hari Apte (1889-1971) is a Bollywood Writer known for the movies Amrit Manthan(1934)

Other NamesNarayan Hari Apte
Date Of Birth11 July 1889
Age(Age at Death: 82 years 4 months 3 days)
Place Of BirthSamadoli, Bombay State, India
Date Of Death14 November 1971
Place Of DeathKoregaon, Satara, India
Narayan Hari Apte, popularly known as Nanasaheb Apte was a Marathi popular novelist & writer of advice books and editor from Maharashtra, India. Narayan Hari Apte

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. His 80th birthday was celebrated at Koregaon with A batch of poets and writers from Poona went to Koregaon at October end to felicitate the veteran novelist, Shri Narayan Hari Apte, who completed eighty years in July 1969.
  2. Apte worked for some time as a co-editor of Kirloskar Khabar (किर्लोस्कर खबर). He founded a book publishing house, Ajinkyatara Pustkalay, in 1913.
  3. He returned to satara in 1911 & worked with Dattātraya Baḷavanta Pārasanīsa (cowriter with Charles Augustus Kincaid), who wrote "a history of the maratha people". the main work was to convert Modi daftar to marathi/ English language.
  4. Apte wrote over providing advice on ways to experiencing happy family life. He also published two collections of his short stories. He propagated traditional Hindu values and beliefs through his writings.
  5. His first short story was published in Karamanuk (करमणूक) magazine which was then edited by Hari Narayan Apte. His first novel Ajinkyatara (अजिंक्यतारा) was published in 1909.
  6. He wrote his last novel Javanancha Jiwandharma (जवानांचा जीवनधर्म) in 1962.
  7. N.H.Apte's literature shows his positive attitude towards life, in turn the strong charactres he depicted.His literature value lies in his thoughts,that's why today's society also needs to know it.
  8. Apte helped Dadasaheb Phalke during his bad days. He stayed with family at NH Apte's residence at Korgaon village.

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