Moti B. Gidwani

Moti B. Gidwani (1905-0) is a Bollywood Director known for the movies Anang Sena(1931), Dev Pech(1930), Anangsena(1931)

Other NamesM. Gidwani
Date Of Birth 1905
Place Of BirthSindh, Pakistan
Hindi director born in Karachi. Studied filmmaking in Britain (1926-7) and returned to make his first feature, which failed and helped close down Maharashtra Film. Went on to direct for Imperial and Sagar and made a name as a ‘ safe’ freelance director

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1934 Dilara[Actor]
1934 Manjari[Director]
1934 Noor Mahal[Director]
1933 Daku Ki Ladki[Director]
1932 Niti Vijay[Director]
1931 Anangsena[Director]
1931 Anang Sena[Director]
1931 Gulam[Director]
1931 Samaj Ka Shikar[Director]
1930 Veer Na Ver[Director]
1930 Dev Pech[Director]