The Bombay Talkies Limited

The Bombay Talkies Limited

The Bombay Talkies Limited (1934-0) is a Bollywood, Urdu, Kannada Movie Company, Movie Company known for the movies Achhut Kanya(1936), Jawani Ki Hawa(1935), Muyyi(1979)

Other NamesBombay Talkies,
Company Started In 1934
The Bombay Talkies Limited was a movie studio founded in 1934. During its period of operation the Bombay Talkies produced 102 movies in Malad, a suburb of the Indian city of Bombay (now known as Mumbai).

Prominent Indians associated with the Bombay Talkies included filmmakers and film stars Himanshu Rai, Rajnarayan Dube and the Devika Rani.

Rajnarayan Dube was the great financier and known as the pillar of Indian cinema.

The Bombay Talkies Limited: Filmography (3)

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1979 Muyyi[Presenter]
1936 Achhut Kanya[Production Company]
1935 Jawani Ki Hawa[Production Company]