Raja Sandow P.K.

Raja Sandow P.K.

Raja Sandow P.K. (1894-1943) is a Bollywood Actor known for the movies Barrister’s Wife(1935), Anathai Penn(1930), Himmat E Mard(1930)

Other NamesRaja Sandow, Arab Sandow, P.K. Raja Sandow
Date Of Birth 1894
Age(Age at Death: 48 years 10 months 25 days)
Place Of BirthPudukottai, India
Date Of Death25 November 1943
Place Of DeathCoimbatore
A prominent actor and director in Tamil and Hindi films of the 1930s.

Raja Sandow was born in Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu. He was trained as a gymnast and started his film career as a stunt actor in S.N. Patankar's National Film Company at Bombay.

Raja Sandow P.K.: Filmography (20)

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1935 Barrister’s Wife[Actor(Prosecutor)]
1935 College Girl[Actor]
1935 Desh Dasi[Actor(Dilip Kumar)]
1935 Jadui Danda[Actor]
1935 Raat Ki Rani[Actor,Director]
1935 Ratan Manjari[Actor]
1934 Devaki[Actor]
1934 Gunsundari[Actor]
1934 Indira M. A.[Actor]
1934 Kashmeera[Actor]
1934 Parth Kumar[Actor]
1933 Noor-E-Iman[Actor]
1933 Pardesi Pritam[Actor]
1933 Sati Mahananda[Actor]
1932 Shyam Sunder[Actor]
1930 Devdasi[Actor]
1930 Himmat E Mard[Actor]
1930 Anathai Penn[Actor,Director]
1930 Raj Laxmi[Actor]
1922 Karna[Actor]