Mahendar is a Kannada Movie Personality known for the movies Yajamana(2000), Rama Shama Bhama(2005), Huliya(1996)

Mahendar: Filmography (44)

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2012 Lady Boss[Sound Recording (Dialogues)]
2011 Namitha I Love You[Sound Recording]
2011 Aacharya[Sound Recording (Songs),Sound Recording (Dialogues),Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
2011 Sogasugara[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
2010 Zamana[Sound Recording (Dialogues)]
2009 Hucchi[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
2007 Hosa Varsha[Sound Recording (Dialogues)]
2006 Mohini 9886788888[Sound Recording (Dialogues)]
2006 Aishwarya[Sound Recording (Dialogues)]
2006 Kannadada Kanda[Sound Recording (Dialogues)]
2005 O Gulabiye[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
2005 Abhinandane[Sound Recording (Songs)]
2005 Rama Shama Bhama[Sound Recording (Dialogues),Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
2004 Ajju[Sound Recording (Dialogues),Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
2003 Vijayashanthi[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
2002 Kogile O Kogile[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
2001 Chitte[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
2000 Yajamana[Sound Recording]
1999 Chora Chittha Chora[Sound Recording (Songs),Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1999 Janumadatha[Sound Recording (Dialogues)]
1999 Jayasoorya[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1999 Mr. X[Sound Recording (Songs)]
1999 Prathibhatane[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1999 Prema Prema Prema[Sound Recording (Songs),Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1999 The Killer[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1998 Jagadeeshwari[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1998 Jaidev[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1998 Jai Hind[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1998 Karnataka Police[Sound Recording]
1998 Simhada Guri[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1998 Veeranna[Sound Recording]
1997 Central Jail[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1997 Chikka[Sound Recording]
1997 Ellaranthalla Nanna Ganda[Sound Recording]
1997 Halliyadarenu Shiva[Sound Recording]
1997 Ranganna[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1997 Rangena Halliyage Rangada Rangegowda[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1996 Anuraga Spandana[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1996 Circle Inspector[Sound Recording (Songs)]
1996 Huliya[Sound Recording (Songs),Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1996 Simhadri[Sound Recording (Songs)]
1995 Gadibidi Aliya[Sound Recording (Songs),Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1995 Samara[Sound Recording (Rerecording)]
1994 Gandugali[Sound Recording]