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13th May 1970- Drama, Religious
Tale of two Brahmins, one bent on liberation, another a worldly man. The death of the latter causes problems for the former.

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Movie NameSamskara
Original Language Nameಸಂಸ್ಕಾರ
English TranslationRites
Release Date13th May 1970
Languages Kannada
StorylineTale of two Brahmins, one bent on liberation, another a worldly man. The death of the latter causes problems for the former.
Story SummaryPraneshacharya is a devout Brahmin who has completed his Vedic education at Varanasi and has returned to Duravasapura and is considered as the leader of the Brahmin community of his village and the surrounding ones. His main goal is to attain liberation and he is willing to go to any length to achieve it.

Naranappa, a Brahmin by birth but one who has rejected the set rules of Brahminism by eating meat and by keeping the company of a prostitute named Chandri. Once Naranappa and his friends catches the sacred fish in the temple tank, cooks, and eats them. This causes the Brahmins in the villages to rise up against him. They approach Praneshacharya to throw him out of the village. Praneshacharya decides against taking this extreme step and he believes that Naranappa can be convinced to get rid of his immoral acts. Once Naranappa visits Shimoga and he returns to Duravasapura with high fever and dies. The Brahmins are left in a piquant situation because, according to Brahmin principles, a person who dies should be cremated as early as possible. None of the Brahmins wants to cremate the body — they feel that by cremating Naranappa's body, they will become polluted as he was against the Brahmin principles during his life.
Run Time103 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (Novel)U R Ananthamurthy
Writer (Screenplay)Girish Karnad
Music DirectorRajeev Taranath
ProducerPattabhirama Reddy
CinematographyTom Cowan
Writer (Dialogue)Girish Karnad
Film EditingSteven Carthew, D Vasu
Assistant DirectorKanakanahalli Gopi
Art DirectorS G Vasudev
Sound RecordingP J Lakshman, Sriramulu
Publicity DesignAshwini Prachara Samsthe
Production (Banner)Rama Manohara Chithra

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. First Kannada movie to get a 'swarna kamala' award for kannada
  2. Based on the Novel of same name by U R Ananthamurthy
  3. Samskara was initially banned by the film censor board because it was felt that the strong anti-caste message being conveyed could spark tensions among the public. However, it was released later and went on to win awards at national and international levels.
  4. The story was written by U. R. Ananthamurthy in 1965, when he was studying at the University of Birmingham for his Ph.D. He saw the film The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman and was deeply moved by it. His tutor Malcolm Bradbury suggested he write about his experiences in India concerning the multilayered structure of time in Indian society. After completing the story, he sent the manuscript to Girish Karnad in India who got in touch with Pattabhirami Reddy and came up with a film script for the same.
  5. Tom Cowan, A visiting Australian cameraman was selected to shoot it

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