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Main Aur Mr. Riight

(मैं और श्री अधिकार)
12th December 2014- Comedy, Romance
Main Aur Mr. Riight tells the story of a single girl in search of her Mr. Right. Main Aur Mr. Riight is a romantic Bollywood movie. The film stars Barun Sobti and Shenaz Treasurywala as the lead pair.
Director: Adeeb Rais

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Movie NameMain Aur Mr. Riight
Original Language Nameमैं और श्री अधिकार
Alternative NamesMain Aur Mr Right ,
Release Date12th December 2014
Languages Hindi
StorylineMain Aur Mr. Riight tells the story of a single girl in search of her Mr. Right. Main Aur Mr. Riight is a romantic Bollywood movie. The film stars Barun Sobti and Shenaz Treasurywala as the lead pair.
Story SummaryA slice of life, romantic comedy that talks about love, relationships and singlehood. It is a story of 8 friends from different fields living their individual and successful lives. The story sails through each and everyone's life of which the major plot being that of Aliya & Sukhi.

In the film, Aliya faces the challenge of turning Sukhi from a loud and immature Punjabi jatt boy to her sophisticated Mr.Right while on the other hand Sukhi with his charm and persona changes Aliya and her friends' lives completely.


MAIN AUR MR. RIIGHT is a film which essentially belongs to Aliya Raj (Shenaz Treasuryvala), who is self confessedly synonymous with style, class and perfection (all in bold capital letters), including the sandwich that she makes. Her world revolves around her profession (she is a casting director for films) and her bunch of friends, who sometimes find her as a case of 'mental imbalance' because she is single and unmarried! The USP of her group is that, except for her everyone else is a couple. The reason why Aliya is single is only because she hasn't found her 'Mr. Right' so far, because there is hardly anyone who fits her bill (read 'terms and conditions') of being 'Mr. Right'. Being the single one in the group and unable to take the constant nagging from her friends, she decides to 'create' her Mr. Right by engaging a wannabe actor cum struggler cum a hardcore Salman Khan fan Sukhi (Barun Sobti) by telling him to play her boyfriend, for which he will be paid handsomely. The lure of money and the 'opportunity' to play a role makes Sukhi accept the offer. Then begins the transformation of the struggler Sukhi into the suave foreign based Hridaan Dalmiya, who is 'Mr. Right' by all means, courtesy Aliya's intensive grooming. And when she flaunts Hridaan at a friend's wedding, needless to say that he becomes the apple of the eye of every girl and the object of envy of every guy in the group. As time passes, Sukhi aka Hridaan teaches the group many a thing about being honest and truthful to each other, which creates many revelations in the close knit group, which makes him even more dearer to everyone in the group. At the same time, knowingly or unknowingly, Sukhi actually starts falling in love with Aliya. Everything goes on perfectly as per Aliya's foolproof plan... till the time a hotel waiter recognizes Sukhi in front of the whole group.

Does Sukhi spill the beans about Aliya's plan of 'Hridaan' in front of her friend circle, or does Aliya confess the real reason to her friends about her plan to create a fictitious Mr. Right, and does the high headed Aliya reciprocate the struggler Sukhi's feelings for her, is what forms the rest of the film.
Story TaglineWill she find the perfect guy?

Movie Crew

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Music DirectorBappi Lahiri
ProducerPooja Gujral
Production CompanyMad Midas Films
CinematographyParvez Pathan
Film EditingAnupama Chabukswar
Assistant DirectorShreya Nag, Manish Sharma, Yogendra Patil, Sandeep, Rakhee Sandilya, Vijay
Playback SingerJasbir Jassi, Farhan Saeed, Bappi Lahiri
Production ManagerNikhil Upadhyay
Production ControllerKaran Kasle
Production DesignAshok Lokare
visual effects producerPriyank Raj
Editor (Assistant)Deepak Chithra
sound re-recording mixerAjay Kumar P.B.
line producerAditya Badekar
additional editorMaulik Joshi
post-production supervisorRigved Angane
Assistant art directorNusrat Shaikh
assistant sound re-recording mixerGandhar Mokashi


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Song: ► Play Yaar Bina Chain Kaha Re
Singer:S Janaki, Bappi Lahiri
Music:Bappi Lahiri

Song: ► Play Desi Daru
Singer:Jasbir Jassi
Music:Bappi Lahiri

Song: ► Play Khuda Khair
Singer:Khuda Khair
Music:Bappi Lahiri

Song: ► Play Bhool Na Jaana
Singer:Farhan Saeed
Music:Bappi Lahiri

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. A trailer was released in November 2014. The other actors in the movie are Danny Sura, Maia Sethna, Anagha Mane, Varun Khandelwal and Neha Gosai.
  2. The movie released on 12 December 2014. The film fails to attract audience poorly at box office.

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