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Zalim Jawani

1932- Fantasy, Historical, White and Black
This historical fantasy's story Bollywood/Hindi 1932 Movie Directed by "Bhagwati Prasad Mishra".

Movie Cast

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Master Vithal Master Vithal Pratap
Ermeline Ermeline Princess Chandraprabha
Jamshedji Jamshedji Ranamal
Rustam Poonawala Rustam Poonawala Jarsingh
Sakhu Sakhu
Khansaheb Khansaheb
Hadi Hadi Sher Singh

Movie Details

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Movie NameZalim Jawani
Alternative NamesZaalim Jawani , Jalim Jawani
English TranslationThe Youth
Release Date1932
Languages Hindi
StorylineThis historical fantasy's story Bollywood/Hindi 1932 Movie Directed by "Bhagwati Prasad Mishra".
Story SummaryThis historical fantasy's story is drawn from the Rajput war sagas and features the despotic Jaisingh (Poonawala) who usurps the throne of Achalgarh. The court intrigues involve the good Pratap (Vithal), lover of Princess Chandraprabha (Ermeline), hidden testaments from the dead King Udaybhanu, fortune tellers and a swayamvar (a public contest) to claim the princess as a bride. The film's treatment of sexuality receives an unusual twist when the misogynist Sher Singh (Hadi), a friend of Pratap, is forced to impersonate a woman to protect Chandraprabha from the villain Ranamal (Jamshedji).
Run Time139 Mins

Movie Crew

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Production CompanyImperial Film Company

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. B.P. Mishra directed his final film with this historical melodrama based on Rajput war sagas. At the film's outset, the villainous Jaisingh (Rustom Poonawala) forces the wise king Achalgarh from the throne. In the ensuing court intrigue, the pure-hearted Pratap (Master Vithal) who is the secret lover of Princess Chandraprabha (Ermeline) learns of his fate from a fortuneteller. Meanwhile, there is a public contest to claim Chandraprabha as a bride.

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