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1932- Drama, Religious, White and Black, Mythology
The plight of Draupadi in the epic saga of Mahabharat.

Movie Cast

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Khalil Khalil Lord Krishna
Ermeline Ermeline Draupadi
Jillo bai Jillo bai Kunthi
Jagdish Sethi Jagdish Sethi Duryodhana
Hadi Hadi Shakuni
Rostam Irani Rostam Irani Bhim
Prithviraj Kapoor Prithviraj Kapoor Arjuna
Elizer Elizer Yudhistira
S.B. Nayampalli S.B. Nayampalli

Movie Details

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Movie Namedraupadi
Original Language Nameद्रौपदी
English TranslationThe daughter of king Drupad
Release Date1932
Languages Hindi
StorylineThe plight of Draupadi in the epic saga of Mahabharat.
Story SummaryThis big-budget Mahabharata adaptation starts with Duryodhana's (Jagdish) scheme to appropriate the kingdom of Hastinapur by eliminating his Pandava cousins. When the Pandavas return from banishment with Draupadi (Ermeline), won by Arjuna (Kapoor) in a tournament, they establish their capital, Indraprastha. The films shows the Rajasuya Yagna ceremony and culminates in the famous dice game in which Duryodhan, backed by his scheming Uncle Shakuni (Hadi), wins the Pandavas' kingdom and then Draupadi herself, whom Yudhishthira (Elizer) then wagers and loses. Duryodhan commands that Draupadi be stripped naked in open court but Krishna (Khalil) saves her honour with a miracle.
Run Time124 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)Bhagwati Prasad Mishra
Writer (Book)Ved Vyas
Writer (Screenplay)Bhagwati Prasad Mishra
Production CompanyImperial Film Company

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