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13th February 2009- Drama
A 2009 Kannada Drama movie by K Parthasarathi starring: Sanketh Kashi, Padma Vasanthi, Suchendra Prasad
Director: K Parthasarathi

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Movie NameSamskaravantha
Original Language Nameಸಂಸ್ಕಾರವಂತ
Release Date13th February 2009
Languages Kannada
Story SummaryThe story begins with Mahadeva (Kashi) who grows up as an orphan and is taken in by Krishna Thatha. This man earns his living by disposing the bodies of the dead people who are unclaimed. In no time, Mahadeva begins to learn the process and in his urge to live a life, he takes up this job. In this, he also marries a mad girl Malli purely out of compassion and gets on with his work. He takes off with a push cart and transports dead bodies in that and later on, he progresses to get the same on a horse cart. However, he realizes the troubles faced by many at traffic signals and busy roads and this prompts him to go for a closed vehicle. He then approaches journalist Bhushan and manages to buy a closed vehicle. Meanwhile, Malli also recovers from her mental illness and both Mahadeva and Malli are blessed with two children. Mahadeva’s best moment comes when his son stands first in the examination but then there are those disturbing elements in the form of Guruvayya, Rani, Doctor Chikka, Lobhi and others who tend to form the evil part

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)K Parthasarathi
Writer (Screenplay)K Parthasarathi
Music DirectorSadgunaraj
ProducerK Raghunath
Executive ProducerEkalavya Raghunath
CinematographyElukote Chandru
Writer (Lyrics)J M Prahlad
Writer (Dialogue)J M Prahlad
Film EditingB S Kemparaj
Playback SingerAjay Warrier, V Pradeep Kumar
Publicity DesignGanesh Designers
Production (Banner)Sarathi-Nath Brothers
PresenterDr K Saraswathi
Public RelationsNagendra

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