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Neenello Nanalle

(ನೀನೆಲ್ಲೊ ನಾನಲ್ಲೆ)
24th July 2006- Drama
The film tells the story of an NRI on returning to India falls in love with a village girl and how he goes about winning over her and her overprotective farmer brother.
Director: Dinesh Babu

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Movie NameNeenello Nanalle
Original Language Nameನೀನೆಲ್ಲೊ ನಾನಲ್ಲೆ
English TranslationI Am Where You Are
Release Date24th July 2006
Languages Kannada
StorylineThe film tells the story of an NRI on returning to India falls in love with a village girl and how he goes about winning over her and her overprotective farmer brother.
Story SummarySantosh (Aniruddh) is a rich, city boy, born to billionaire parents and brought up in London. On the other hand, Siri (Rakshita)is a traditional, simple desi girl from Karnataka who is brought up by her only brother, Veera (Vishnuvardhan). He is heartbroken when their father marries another woman and throws them out of the house, humiliating them on the way. Their mother dies and her tomb is built on the small land which they own until the zamindar tells them that it is his land, since their mother had taken a loan from the man. Veera volunteers to work day and night, to pay off the loan as long as they don't tear down his mother's tomb. The Zamindar agrees and the local station master helps them. Slowly Veera and Siri grow up. One day, Lalitha, Siri's best friend, comes to their house to invite Siri to their house as she is getting married. Lalitha's cousin, Santosh also arrives on the same day with his mother, Janaki (Chitra Shenoy).

Slowly Santosh and Siri fall in love but Santosh's mother does not bear it as Siri is not as rich as them, and is thus not to their standards; Santosh is also to be married to Janaki's brother's business partner's daughter, Dolly. Janaki humiliates Siri as well as Veera, who arrives a minute before, and both are thrown of the house after Janaki accuses them of trying to entice and trap Santosh. When Santosh learns of this, he goes to Siri's house and pleads to her brother to accept him. Veera gives him a chance, just like he was given a chance by the Zamindar when he was little. Santosh is tasked to take care of the cows, clean up after them and grow more crops than Veera by the end of the season; if he does not, Santosh will be thrown out of the village and can never see Siri again. The Zamindar and his son is not happy as the Zamindar's son wanted to marry Siri. With them and Dolly and her father trying to get Santosh to lose the competition, Santosh has to work hard for his love, eating red chillies and rice everyday, even though he can't bear it. Through many antics from the Zamindar's side and Dolly's side, Santosh eventually proves his love for Siri to Veera, and succeeds in growing more grains. However, Zamindar & his son kidnap Siri and then later tries to rape her. A fight takes place in which Santosh kills the Zamindar's son. Veera, after realizing that Santosh and Siri should be together, takes the blame for this and spends 5 years in prison. The movie ends with Veera's release from prison which is also when Siri and Santosh get married, in everyone's presence. Janaki then accepts Siri to be her daughter-in-law.
Run Time157 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (Screenplay)Dinesh Babu
Music DirectorRamesh Krishna
ProducerD K Devendra, G G Chandra Shekhar, K Manju
CinematographyH C Venu
Writer (Lyrics)K Kalyan, Kaviraj
Writer (Dialogue)Nanjunda
Film EditingP R Sounder Rajan
Assistant DirectorDushyanth Kumar, Chalapathi, Basavaraj
Art DirectorIsmail, Hosamane Murthy
Sound RecordingSaravanan, Mahendra
ChoreographyMurali, Imran Sardhariya, D K S Babu
Playback SingerHemanth Kumar, Rajesh Krishnan, Shankar Mahadevan, Sumangali, Tippu
Production ManagerA Suresh, Ramu, Vijaykumar, Ravishankar
CostumeGandasi Nagaraj, Keerthi Vishnuvardhan
StillsDigital Srinath
Publicity DesignMani
Director (Associate)R Anantha Raju
Production (Banner)Lakshmishree Combines
StuntsKing Palaniraj
Public RelationsNagendra
sound effects editorShankar
DTSN Kumara Velu

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. The plot of the film also drew comparisons to the Bollywood films, Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) and Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya (1998).

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