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8th September 2008- Comedy, Drama
A 2008 Kannada Comedy, Drama movie by G Magesh Kumar starring: Naveen Krishna, Master Harshith Naveen Krishna, Rangayana Raghu
Director: G Magesh Kumar

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Movie NameDhemaaku
Original Language Nameಧಿಮಾಕು
Alternative NamesDheemaku , Dhimaaku
Release Date8th September 2008
Languages Kannada
Story SummaryThe story begins with Balu (Naveen) who drops out of engineering college but then he is handsome, smart and well mannered. He has father who is quite friendly but a teacher mother (Sudha) who is quite strict. Life goes on for Balu until he meets Priya (Pavani) who happens to be the daughter of the very influential and rich Indira Devi (Asha Saini), the industrialist. As expected, Indira Devi detests the relationship and from then on tries in her own way to convince Priya that Balu is after her wealth and not her love. The truth is, it will be Indira who will lose the control over the entire property as soon as Priya gets married. However, she manages to convince Priya that Balu is cheating her and the depressed Priya starts hating Balu. Now, Balu starts a new mission – to expose the real Indira Devi and also to prove to Priya about his love and its genuinity
Run Time133 Mins

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