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Nanda Deepa

1st August 2008- Drama
A 2008 Kannada Drama movie by Shivu D Hiremath starring: Devaraj, Shruti, Sanjjanaa
Director: Shivu D Hiremath

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Movie NameNanda Deepa
Original Language Nameನಂದಾದೀಪ
Release Date1st August 2008
Languages Kannada
Story SummaryThe village bright boy Ramu (Master Manoj) despite of giving all medical help to his mother Shantha (Shruthi) loses the asthmatic mother in the absence of his father Naganna (Devaraj). On his return from business trip Naganna is shocked with the demise of his wife takes care of his son but the village elderly people force Naganna to get marry again. With the entry of step mother Channi (Sanjana) things are as usual. She is very young and in the absence of her husband Naganna she develops intimacy towards a youngster in the village topples the whole life style of Ramu. He is asked to look after cattle feed instead of going to school. He is given all sorts of pain by the step mother. When Ramu sees from his eyes the stranger with his step mother on bed he is fed poison in the food

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)Gururaja Hosakote
Writer (Screenplay)Shivu D Hiremath
Music DirectorGururaja Hosakote
ProducerH C Venkatesh, Anaji Nagaraj
CinematographyM R Seenu
Writer (Lyrics)V Nagendra Prasad, Gururaja Hosakote
Writer (Dialogue)Malavalli Saikrishna, Raghu Niduvalli
Film EditingLakshmana Reddy
ChoreographyThribhuvan, Nagesh
Playback SingerL N Shastry, Shamitha Malnad, Uma Babu, Gururaja Hosakote, Hemanth Kumar
Publicity DesignKumar
Production (Banner)Namana Films
Public RelationsR S Harish

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