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Lights Camera Action

(ಲೈಟ್ಸ್ ಕ್ಯಾಮರಾ ಆಕ್ಷನ್)
7th March 2014- Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Gurudarshan

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Movie NameLights Camera Action
Original Language Nameಲೈಟ್ಸ್ ಕ್ಯಾಮರಾ ಆಕ್ಷನ್
Release Date7th March 2014
Languages Kannada
Story SummaryGuru (Balu Nagendra), as aspiring director, dreams of making it big in the world of filmmaking. He calls his film Lights Camera Action and takes the crew to a lonely house for shooting. Once at the location, the crew is spooked by uncanny occurrences: A stranger is heard crying under a tree, stones are thrown at the house, mysterious persons are heard moving around at night and furniture are moved. The scared crew is left wondering who is behind these acts. The story takes a curious turn when a mullah (Basu Kumar) tells the crew that they are all dead. Apparently, all of them have been buried alive by a woman called Mayavathi in the same building where the shooting takes place.
Run Time120 Mins
Censor Ratingu/a

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)Gurudarshan
Writer (Screenplay)Gurudarshan
Music DirectorHithan K T
Executive ProducerSrinidhi
Writer (Dialogue)Mahesh, Prakash
Film EditingM Thirupathi Reddy
Art DirectorBabu Khan
Playback SingerSanthosh, Adithya Rao, B R Chaya, Thara, Ashwin Hiremath, Lakshmi, Chethan Thulasi, Hithan K T, Priya Yadav
Background MusicRishikesh Hari
Publicity DesignNaveen
Production (Banner)Sumithra Combines
Public RelationsSudheendra Venkatesh

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