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Khuda Ki Shaan

(खुदा की शान)
1931- Drama, White and Black
This movie depicts the uncertrainty and Topsy -turvy of human relationships.
Director: R S Choudhury
Keywords: Love

Movie Cast

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Ruby Myers Ruby Myers Ramaki
Raghunath Raghunath
R.B. Jagtap R.B. Jagtap Muslim's son
Dada Salvi Dada Salvi
Elizer Elizer
Shushila.J Shushila.J as Sushila
Makanda Makanda Garibdas Sadhu

Movie Details

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Movie NameKhuda Ki Shaan
Original Language Nameखुदा की शान
English TranslationThe glory of the lord
Release Date1931
Languages Hindi
StorylineThis movie depicts the uncertrainty and Topsy -turvy of human relationships.
Story SummaryRamaki (Sulochana), a poor scheduled caste girl, has an illegitimate daughter by Manekchand; the son of the wealthy Krishnadas. She seeks refuge with a nautch girl. Krishnadas, who also wants to possess Ramaki, dies trying to kill her. Ramaki then seeks shelter with a young Muslim but they perish in a fire. Her daughter, along with the Muslim's son (Jagtap), is raised by a nomad, Garibdas Sadhu (Makanda), a character made to look like Gandhi. The youngsters are hired as factory hands by Manekchand who unwittingly falls in love with his own daughter and appropriates land belonging to Garibdas.

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)R S Choudhury
Production CompanyImperial Film Company

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