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26th February 2010- Drama, Romance
A 2010 Kannada Drama, Romance movie by Vemagal Jagannatha Rao starring: Mithun Tejasvi, Payal Ghosh, Suraj Lokre

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Movie NameVarshadhare
Original Language Nameವರ್ಷಧಾರೆ
Release Date26th February 2010
Languages Kannada
Story SummaryThe story begins with Rahul (Mithun), a software engineer, sharing his idea of creating a software that can help solve bomb blasts using cellphones. One of his notorious friends Niranjan (Suraj) is envious and tries to discourage him from his project. The other track has Rahul’s wife Mythili (Payal Ghosh) turning hysterical and developing a split personality, as he is insensitive to her feelings and desires. Niranjan, who is also a womanizer, is murdered by Mythili. The story takes a curious turn when Nirmala (Sangeetha Shetty), one of the friends, reveals that she knifed Niranjan to death

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