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30th June 2008- Drama, Romance
A 2008 Kannada Drama, Romance movie by R Chandru starring: Ajay Rao, Pooja Gandhi, Ashok
Director: R Chandru

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Movie NameTajmahal
Original Language Nameತಾಜ್‌ಮಹಲ್
Release Date30th June 2008
Languages Kannada
Story SummaryThe story begins on the backdrop of the Reddy engineering college where Ajay (Ajay) is studying. He sees Shruthi for the first time (Pooja) and falls in love with her at first sight. From then on, he keeps wishing her and so intense is his emotion that he keeps recording the number of times he has wished her. Things continue like that for a long time and finally he manages to have a conversation with her. He tells her his name and soon they become good friends, as part of the friendship he starts getting gifts from Shruthi which is misunderstood by Ajay as her message of love. One fine day, Ajay musters the courage and confesses his feelings only to get a tight slap on face from her. Before he can figure out what is happening, Shruthi tells him about her love for Kumar. Ironically, Kumar happens to be Ajay himself and there is a flashback attached to it
Run Time154 Mins

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