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Shravan Kumar

(श्रवण कुमार)
1932- White and Black, Mythology
A 1932 Hindi White and Black, Mythology movie by Abdul Rehman Kabuli starring: Yusuf Effendi, Panna, Abdul Rehman Kabuli

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Movie NameShravan Kumar
Original Language Nameश्रवण कुमार
Release Date1932
Languages Hindi
Story SummaryThe film story is appeared in Ramayana. a boy named Shravan Kumar. He had parents who were blind. He had to do all the work for them, since they could not see. Shravan is notable for exhibiting devotion toward his parents.

One day his parents told him that they had become quite aged. They, therefore, wanted him to take them to the forty places of pilgrimage. In those days means of transport were scarce and costly, and Shravan Kumar could not afford it. He, therefore, decided to place his parents in two baskets and carry the baskets on his shoulder to the various places of pilgrimage. He took a strong bamboo stick, at its two ends he tied the two baskets with strong ropes, and placed his father in one of the baskets and his mother in the other. Carrying on his shoulder this bamboo stick with a basket at either end, Shravan started on the pilgrimage.

Movie Crew

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Music DirectorNagardas Nayak
Production CompanyMadan Theatres Ltd

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. The spot where Dashratha shot his arrow came to be known as Sarwara and the place where Shravan's parents died is called Samadha.

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