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7th February 2000- Action, Drama
A polici officer fights against narcotics
Director: S Narayan
Keywords: police officer

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Movie NameShabdavedhi
Original Language Nameಶಬ್ದವೇಧಿ
Release Date7th February 2000
Languages Kannada
StorylineA polici officer fights against narcotics
Story SummaryShabdavedi is about Sandeep Rajkumar, a strict police officer crusading against narcotics. The man is so straight that when his wife Jaya Prada refuses to reveal the identity of a key link in the drug ring that he is investigating, he beats her in lockup. Eventually he overcomes all the usual attempts to throw him off the chase like tarnishing his reputation and implicating him in lock-up death cases and tracks the ring down to its last man.
Run Time162 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (Novel)Vijaya Sasanur
Writer (Screenplay)S Narayan, T N Narasimhan
Music DirectorHamsalekha
ProducerParvathamma Rajkumar
CinematographyR Giri
Writer (Lyrics)Hamsalekha
Writer (Dialogue)Paul Sudarshan, A G Sheshadri
Film EditingS Manohar
Assistant DirectorNagappa Maradagi, K Shekhar, R G Siddaramayya
Art DirectorIsmail
Sound RecordingMahendra, Kodandapani
ChoreographyUdupi B Jayaram
Makeupvishwanath, Dinesh Achar C A
Playback SingerManjula Gururaj, S P Balasubrahmanyam, K S Chithra, Dr Rajkumar
Production ManagerChanna, K Mallikarjun
CostumeY Venkatarao(Dr Rajkumar)
StillsRaju Venkatesh
Publicity DesignGangadhar, Som
Director (Associate)Raghunandan
Production (Banner)Sri Bhargavi Arts Combines
StuntsRam Shetty
PresenterDr Rajkumar
Production ControllerRaghavendra Rajkumar, Puneeth Rajkumar
Public RelationsR S Harish
Dubbing ArtistSudarshan, Shyamala, Shivamurthy, Ra Sri Naidu, B Jayashree, Sabina Bhanu, Manju

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. The producer of the film had originally planned to have Bhanupriya as the female lead, but she was living abroad having married then. Jayaprada was then chosen as the female lead actor
  2. This film has its credit as the comeback film of Rajkumar after almost six years. Theis was the first time that S. Narayan, age of 35 directed a film starring the legendary actor. The film was shot locations such as K R Circle in Bangalore, Abhiman Studio on the city's outskirts, Rama Mandira in Rajajinagar, Kashmir. Mysore's police commissioner Kempaiah has given guidance for star's uniforms in the movie.
  3. Shabdavedhi, Rajkumar’s comeback film had received mixed reviews from various critics. But, the film was a commercial hit with fans flocking the cinemas from day one of the release. Tickets were being sold in black for 10 times the actual price.

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