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Sati Anusuya

(सती अनुसुया)
1933- White and Black
A 1933 Hindi White and Black movie by Madanrai Vakil starring: Mushtari, Jamshedji, Khansaheb
Director: Madanrai Vakil
Keywords: Women, Devotional

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Movie NameSati Anusuya
Original Language Nameसती अनुसुया
Alternative NamesSathi Anusuya ,
Release Date1933
Languages Hindi
Story SummaryAnasuya also known as Anusuya, was the wife of an ancient Indian rishi (sage) named Atri, in Hindu mythology. In the Ramayana, she appears living with her husband in a small hermitage in the southern periphery of the forest of Chitrakuta. She was very pious, and always practiced austerities and devotion. This allowed her to attain miraculous powers.

When Sita and Rama visited her during their exile, Anasuya was very attentive to them and gave Sita an ointment which could maintain her beauty forever. She was mother of Dattatreya, the sage-avatar of Trimurti brahma,Vishnu, Shiva, the irascible sage Durvasa, avatar of Shiva and Chandraatri, avatar of Brahma. She is also mother of Chandra Dev Moon. She was the daughter of Sage Kardama and his wife Devahuti. Sage Kapila was her brother and teacher. She is extolled as Sati Anasuya - Anasuya, the chaste wife.

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Music DirectorPransukh Nayak Gadgil
Production CompanyImperial Film Company

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