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Sampatthige Saval

(ಸಂಪತ್ತಿಗೆ ಸವಾಲ್)
24th May 1974- Action, Drama
A poor honest man challenges a wealthy, greedy man.
Director: A V Sheshagiri Rao
Keywords: village

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Movie NameSampatthige Saval
Original Language Nameಸಂಪತ್ತಿಗೆ ಸವಾಲ್
Alternative NamesSampathige Savaal ,
English TranslationChallenge to wealth
Release Date24th May 1974
Languages Kannada
StorylineA poor honest man challenges a wealthy, greedy man.
Story SummaryThe film opens to a woodcutter chopping down a tree. He works for Siddappa (Vajramuni), a landlord in the village. The tree he has been working on, breaks at the stem and falls on him, killing him instantly. His wife Parvathamma (M. V. Rajamma) approaches Siddappa with her two children (Vishwa and Veerabhadra) and request him to pay for the services of her deceased husband.

Siddappa is however unconvinced and drives them away, which would go on to influence Veerabhadra ("Bhadra") hugely as he grows. Both the children grow into hardworking men; Vishwa however works for Siddappa and stays in his good books and Bhadra grows into an easy going man with the least amount respect for Siddappa.

Vishwa requests Siddappa for financial help as the day of his wedding approaches, who lends him INR 1,000. The latter gets married to Mahalakshmi. Bhadra, on the other hand angers Siddappa, his daughter Durga (Manjula) and his accountant Puttappa (Balakrishna) at every opportunity he gets. He humiliates Siddappa in front of the village crowd at a festival, which does not sit good on the latter. In another instance, he cuts strands of Durga's hair using a sickle.

Siddappa reports the matter over to Bhadra's mother and brother, however adding that Bhadra molested his daughter Durga. Enraged, Vishwa drives Bhadra out of their house. Bhadra barges into Siddappa's house and threatens to molest Durga in his presence. He however exits leaving her unharmed and an impact on her.

He stays at the village temple nearby the following days, when one day his mother falls sick and expresses her desire to see him. Mahalakshmi proceeds to the temple to bring him home and takes a forest route when Siddappa who is passing by, finds her and attempts to molest her.

Her screams alert Bhadra who gets involved in a fist fight with Siddappa beating him black and blue. As a new marriage proposal to Durga comes, she confesses to her father of her romantic feelings toward Bhadra. An enraged father, Siddappa slaps her on the face following which she runs to Bhadra at the temple and confesses her feelings to him, who initially reluctant, accepts.

Hearing the news, Siddappa sends Vishwa to threaten him with a revolver, claiming it to be unloaded, however having loaded it with a bullet beforehand. Mahalakshmi reaches the spot as an argument ensues between the brothers.

As she attempts to save Bhadra from the bullet fired by an unsuspecting Vishwa, she gets hit on her left shoulder. Enraged, Bhadra pursues Siddappa involving in another fist fight with him. As he is about to axe him, police arrive at the spot and arrest Siddappa on account of culpable homicide, who leaves handing his daughter over to Bhadra.
Run Time143 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (Screenplay)Chi Udaya Shankar
Music DirectorG K Venkatesh
Writer (Play)Pundalika Dhuttharagi
ProducerA N Murthy Rao
CinematographyR Chittibabu
Writer (Lyrics)Chi Udaya Shankar, R N Jayagopal
Writer (Dialogue)Chi Udaya Shankar
Film EditingP Bhakthavathsalam
Assistant DirectorHonnavalli Krishna
Art DirectorKeshava Rao
ChoreographyUdupi B Jayaram
MakeupDoreswamy Naidu, Muguru P Guru, Keshava, vishwanath
Playback SingerDr Rajkumar, P B Srinivas, S Janaki
Production ManagerVikram Srinivas
CostumeN S Thangappan
StillsI M Vrushabhendraiah
Publicity DesignGangadhar, D T Rajan
Director (Associate)S A Srinivas, N Chandrashekar Sharma
StuntsY Shivayya
PresenterPadmashree Enterprises, Dr Rajkumar
Sound Recording (Songs)D Koteshwara Rao, S P Ramanathan
Sound Recording (Dialogues)B S Shamanna, D ManaValan, P J Lakshman

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. Based on the Drama 'Sampatthige Saval' by B P Dhuttharagi

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