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Parameshi Prema Prasanga

(ಪರಮೇಶಿ ಪ್ರೇಮ ಪ್ರಸಂಗ)
2nd February 1985- Comedy
A family broken over a silly confusion gets back together after some time
Director: Ramesh Bhat
Keywords: Love

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Movie NameParameshi Prema Prasanga
Original Language Nameಪರಮೇಶಿ ಪ್ರೇಮ ಪ್ರಸಂಗ
English TranslationParameshi's love story
Release Date2nd February 1985
Languages Kannada
StorylineA family broken over a silly confusion gets back together after some time
Story SummaryParameshi (played by Ramesh Bhat) is happily married to Ramamani (played by Arundhati Nag), and have a son called Paapu. He works for a small time firm dealing in wallpaper distribution, where his colleagues are gossip mongers. One amongst them is Simha, an office peon, who indulges in gambling bets with the employees of a leading law firm on Bangalore's prestigious MG Road. Parameshi, being a simpleton, is unaware of what his colleagues are up to. He falls prey to Simha's bet and ends up going out with a female colleague. Ramamani does not like Parameshi's going out with another woman and confronts him. Parameshi scoffs and suggests there is nothing wrong with socializing and he would be okay if Ramamani also goes out with another guy.

To teach Parameshi a lesson, Ramamani enacts a drama of having an affair with the office peon. Parameshi falls for the trick, gets very upset, and takes to drinking alcohol. Before Ramamani could tell him the truth, Simha, the office peon, sends an anonymous letter to Parameshi, confirming Ramamani’s affair. Distraught with his wife, Parameshi deserts her and the kid, and leaves to an unknown destination without any news.

Ramamani now has to face the reality. She takes up odd jobs to support her and a monk living next door. Time passes by and son goes to the city. Parameshi meets himself in a chance encounter. He files a case in court for his son's custody. Ramamani seeks lawyer Paapanna's(Ananth Nag) help to fight the case. Ramamani and Parameshi face each other in the court. The court awards Paapu's custody to himself. When Parameshi comes to pick up his son, he also decides to get back with his wife.
Run Time124 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)Somu
Writer (Screenplay)Shankar Nag
Music DirectorG K Venkatesh
ProducerRamesh Bhat
Writer (Lyrics)Doddarange Gowda, M N Vyasa Rao
Writer (Dialogue)Somu
Film EditingP Bhakthavathsalam
ChoreographyUdupi B Jayaram, Devi
Playback SingerS Janaki, Manjula Gururaj, Rajkumar Bharathi
Director (Associate)Somu, Anna Dore
Production (Banner)Gayathri Chithralaya
Public RelationsD V Sudheendra
Dubbing ArtistSowbhagya, Gayathri Prabhakar, Gubbanna, Ra Sri Naidu, Chandrakanth, Sharada, Geetha

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