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22nd December 1993- Action, Thriller
The story revolves around a bank robbery where terrorists become trapped with the hostages. It also explores the many travails of the police commissioner and ATS commando to free the hostages and reign in the terrorists

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Movie NameNishkarsha
Original Language Nameನಿಷ್ಕರ್ಷ
Release Date22nd December 1993
Languages Kannada
StorylineThe story revolves around a bank robbery where terrorists become trapped with the hostages. It also explores the many travails of the police commissioner and ATS commando to free the hostages and reign in the terrorists
Story SummaryThe story opens with a kidnapping of an architect (Avinash) at night. He is whisked away to a secluded location where he is tortured by unknown assailants for information regarding the structural details of a bank which he helped build. When the torture reaches excruciating levels, the architect gives in and shares the confidential details of the security alarms and safety devices in the bank. It is shown that the leader of the group called Dev (B. C. Patil) is a terrorist and will stop at nothing to get the bank's money to further his group's operations. It is also shown that he commands a strong team of at least 20 deadly terrorists.

The following morning, the scene opens at Bangalore's Manipal center, the place of the bank that Dev and his associates have planned to rob. It is a normal day, the staff slowly trickle in, and business resumes. Meanwhile, a van that enters into the building, unloads a bunch of carton boxes marked to be delivered to the bank. The boxes are then transferred slowly to the bank premises. Unknown to the security guards, the boxes contain automatic weapons and deadly explosives, which the terrorists plan to use to take control of the bank.

Dev's team tactically disables all the security alarms and safety devices. Once the stage is set, they shoot the security guard, shut the front door, and take all the staff present as hostages. Dev and his assistant force the bank manager to open the safe. As they start looting the safe, another alarm, which Avinash had not revealed to them, goes off. Now, the terrorists find themselves trapped in the bank. No matter how hard they try to break out, they realize that they have painted themselves into a corner. The news spreads and an entire police force descends on Manipal Towers. The police commissioner (Ananth Nag) steps in and assesses the situation. He realizes that he does not command the requisite force to accomplish this task and requests the Chief Minister to dispatch an ATS immediately.

ATS Commando Ajay (Vishnuvardhan) is apprised of the situation. He quickly assembles a team and meets with the police commissioner. Commando Ajay takes charge of the operation and learns that the terrorist Dev is the brother of another terrorist who he himself had killed a few years ago. Dev, too, learns that Ajay has been enlisted to supervise this operation and demands that he be taken off the force immediately. When the he doesn't oblige, Dev kills the bank manager by throwing him out of the building. The commissioner is left with no choice but to listen to the terrorist.

Soon enough, the police commissioner hatches a plot to bring back Ajay. He succeeds, and Ajay once again takes charge. Meanwhile, the hostages inside grow restless. Fearing that they will all die, they hatch their own plan and attempt a coup. It goes horribly wrong and a few of the hostages get killed. Gundanna (Ramesh Bhat) a lift mechanic, with whom Ajay is in constant touch, acts as a spy and aids Ajay in performing reconnaissance of the terrorists and their activities.

In the end, Ajay infiltrates the terrorists' stronghold with help of his trusted commando (Prakash Raj) and Gundanna. Although the commando valiantly gives his life and Gundanna is seriously injured, Ajay frees the hostages, kills Dev, and saves the day.
Run Time146 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)L R Ranganath Rao
Writer (Screenplay)Sunil Kumar Desai
Music DirectorGuna singh
ProducerDoddagowda C Patil, G M Jayadevappa
CinematographyP Rajan
Writer (Dialogue)Sunil Kumar Desai
Film EditingR Janardhan
Assistant DirectorS M Patil, Sharan Gadwal
Art DirectorRaju
Production ManagerRavi, B K Badari Prasad, Vijaykumar
CostumeC Nagaraj
StillsBasavaraj Wali
Director (Associate)Yogish Hunasur, A N Jayaramaiah
Production (Banner)Srushti Films
StuntsNanjundi Nagaraj
PresenterB D Patil & Company
Sound Recording (Dialogues)V Aravamudan, Suresh
Sound Recording (Rerecording)R Kannan
Production ControllerDr J B Raj, Manavendra G
Public RelationsM G Lingaraj

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