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1935- White and Black
Nigah-E-Nafrat(Orphans Of The Storm). A 1935 Hindi White and Black movie by Master Vinayak starring: Shobhna Samarth, Master Vinayak, Baburao Pendharkar
Director: Master Vinayak
Keywords: Social drama, Social

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Movie Details

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Movie NameNigah-E-Nafrat
Original Language Nameनिगाह-ए-नफरत
English TranslationOrphans Of The Storm
Release Date1935
Languages Hindi
Story SummaryA melodrama about the rich and callous Vilas (Pendharkar), who abandons girlfriend Shama (Wadkar) whe he discovers that she is pregnant. She raises her son Nandu (Mainkar) with the help of her younger brother and the film's hero, Sanjeev (Vinayak). When Vilas re-enters their lives, it is with a new name, Ishwar, and with the intention of seducing the rich Princess Indira (Samarth) who loves Sanjeev. Ishwar has a bad accident and an attack of amnesia that also leads to a confession of his past deeds.

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)Mama Warerkar
Writer (Screenplay)R.S. Junnarkar
Music DirectorGundopant Walawalkar
Production CompanyKolhapur Cinetone
CinematographyV. B. Joshi

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. First film of Shobhana Samarthas actress, Vinayak as director.

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