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31st March 1997- Drama, Fiction
A supernatural folklore of a serpent taking human form for the sake of love

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Movie NameNagamandala
Original Language Nameನಾಗಮಂಡಲ
Release Date31st March 1997
Languages Kannada
StorylineA supernatural folklore of a serpent taking human form for the sake of love
Story SummaryThe story of the film was adapted from a play of the same name written by well-known writer Girish Karnad. The movie was directed by award winning director T.S. Nagabharana, who is deemed to be one of the ace directors in Kannada film industry. Music was scored by C. Aswath and Srihari L. Khoday produced the movie.

The film touches one of the most sensitive issues of marital life. In folk style and form, the film throws open a question as to who is the husband – the person who marries an innocent girl and indulges in self pleasures or the person who gives the real and complete experience of life.

G.S.Bhaskar, and his work is a visual thunder in this movie. Especially the night scenes & interior scenes are spellbounded. Bhaskar is a famous technician; he used contrast lighting in this movie, that clearly gave the touch of folk life in every frame.

Rani is a young bride who is neglected by her indifferent and unfaithful husband, Appanna. Appanna spends most of his time with his concubine and comes home only for lunch. Rani is a typical wife who wants to win her husband’s affection by any means. In an attempt to do so, she decides to drug her husband with a love root, which she mixes in the milk. That milk is spilled on the nearby anthill and Naga, the Cobra drinks it.

Naga, who can take the form of a human, is enchanted with her and begins to visit her every night in the guise of her husband. This changes Rani's life completely as she starts to experience the good things in life though she never knows that the person with her is not her husband but the Naga.

Soon she becomes pregnant and breaks the news to Appanna. He immediately accuses her of adultery and says that he has not impregnnated her. The issue is referred to the village Panchayat. Rani is then asked to prove her fidelity by putting her hand in the snake burrow and taking a vow that she has not committed adultery. (It is a popular belief that if any person lies holding the snake in their hand, they will be instantly killed by the snake God.)

Rani places her hand in the snake burrow and vows that she has never touched any male other than her husband and the Naga in the burrow. She is declared chaste by the village Panchayat. However, her husband is not ready to accept that she is pregnant with his child and decides to find out the truth by spying on the house at night. Appanna is shocked to see the Naga visiting Rani in his form, spending time with her and then leaving the house.

Appanna gets furious with the Naga and indulges in a fight with him. Both of them fight vigorously. Eventually, the Naga dies in the fight. After this incident, Appanna realizes his mistake and accepts Rani along with the child she is carrying.
Run Time131 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (Novel)Girish Karnad
Writer (Screenplay)Duniya Soori, C Ashwath
Music DirectorC Ashwath
ProducerSrihari L Khoday
Executive ProducerS D Ashwath
CinematographyG S Bhaskar
Writer (Lyrics)Gopal Yagnik
Writer (Dialogue)Gopal Yagnik
Film EditingSuresh Urs
Assistant DirectorPrakashraj Mehu, Shivanand, Nataraj Enigi
Art DirectorShashidhar Adapa
MakeupShekhar, Mallesh Harthi
Playback SingerShivanand Patil, Rathnamala Prakash, Sangeetha Katti, C Ashwath
Production ManagerB V Ramachandra
CostumeNagini Bharana
StillsShekhar Vali
Publicity DesignAchu Ads
Production (Banner)Yajaman Enterprises
StuntsL T William Moses
Sound Recording (Songs)Aravind Kiggal
Sound Recording (Dialogues)Shankar, V Aravamudan
Sound Recording (Rerecording)Shankar, V Aravamudan
Public RelationsNagendra
Dubbing ArtistShobha Raghavendra, Sunethra, Prabhu, Mahesh, Aarathi T Kulakarni, Shruthabharana, Master Pannagabharana, Master Chethan, Shubha, Baby Anagha, Baby Vaishnavi

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