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Minchina Ota

(ಮಿಂಚಿನ ಓಟ)
1980- Crime, Drama
Two criminal are joined in by a car mechanic and a petty thief. three of them die and the 4th one decides to quit
Director: Shankar Nag
Keywords: Thief, murder, Friends

Movie Cast

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Ananth Nag Ananth Nag Anthony D'Souza (Tony)
Shankar Nag Shankar Nag Katte
C H Lokanath C H Lokanath Prabhakar Rao/ Thatha
Priya Tendulkar Priya Tendulkar Manju/ Tony's Wife
Ramesh Bhat Ramesh Bhat Inspector Nayak
Mandeep Roy Mandeep Roy
Prakash Prakash
B R Shivaram B R Shivaram
Master Nagaraj Master Nagaraj
Ranga Ranga
Basavaraj Wali Basavaraj Wali

Movie Details

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Movie NameMinchina Ota
Original Language Nameಮಿಂಚಿನ ಓಟ
English TranslationLightning Sprint
Release Date1980
Languages Kannada
StorylineTwo criminal are joined in by a car mechanic and a petty thief. three of them die and the 4th one decides to quit
Story SummaryKatte (Shankar Nag) and Prabhakar Rao / Tatha (Loknath) are petty thieves who can't seem to get a break in life. Their criminal past does not leave them wherever they go. To make it big, they resort to their past and start jumping unsuspecting passers by on National Highways and relieving them of their automobiles. Disassembling the auto parts, they sell them for money and often duping people on their way.

Soon their jig is up when one of their stolen vehicles breaks down and a mechanic Anthony "Tony" D'Souza (Anant Nag) is brought for help. Seeing that money is a free flowing concept in this criminal life, Tony joins hands with this crime duo. Soon the trio is hitting various spots and making away with vehicles. During this process they even manage to rope in another petty thief Manju (Priya Tendulkar), who is thieving to meet her ill mother's medical bills, into their criminal enterprise. Soon, Tony and Manju get married.

The cops are hot on their trail for a good part of the film before finally clamping the trio down much to the delight of the pipe-smoking Inspector Nayak (Ramesh Bhat). As jailbirds Katte and Thatha seem to have found their peace but not Tony. His desperate self is trying to get away from the chains that bind him. A prison break is planned and executed to almost perfection by the three. In the process, Tatha dies after accidentally falling off the high prison walls. Katte and Tony are killed in an encounter while trying to flee from the cops. The film ends with Manju, who at this stage is pregnant by Tony, vowing to raise the kid in a good and healthy environment.
Run Time128 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (Screenplay)Shankar Nag, Mariam Jetpurwala
Music DirectorPrabhakar Bhadri
ProducerShankar Nag, Ananth Nag
CinematographyB C Gowrishankar
Writer (Lyrics)Rudramurthy Shastry, T N Narasimhan
Writer (Dialogue)T N Narasimhan
Film EditingP Bhakthavathsalam
Art DirectorArundathi Nag
Sound RecordingS P Ramanathan, P V Koteshwar Rao
Playback SingerVani Jairam, Shankar Nag, Ananth Nag, S P Balasubrahmanyam, D Prabhakar Rao
Production Managersomu, Abdul Khan, R Ramesh
CostumeArundathi Nag
Publicity DesignBasavaraj Wali
Director (Associate)Arundathi Nag, Krishnaji Rao, Ramesh Bhat
Production (Banner)Sanketh
StuntsS Vijayan
Public RelationsD V Sudheendra

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. Remade as Lalach (1983) in Hindi

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