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10th September 1975- Action, Adventure, Drama, Historical, Political, War
The film depicts the life of Mayura, a Brahmin youth, as he discovers his royal heritage and realizes his destiny of ascending to the throne of the then-Pallava kingdom.
Director: Vijay
Keywords: Soldier

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Movie NameMayura
Original Language Nameಮಯೂರ
Alternative NamesMayoora ,
Release Date10th September 1975
Languages Hindi, Kannada
StorylineThe film depicts the life of Mayura, a Brahmin youth, as he discovers his royal heritage and realizes his destiny of ascending to the throne of the then-Pallava kingdom.
Story SummaryRajkumar, who plays the role of Prince Mayurasharma of the Kadamba dynasty, the earliest native kingdom to rule over what is today the modern state of Karnataka.

The film opens in Kanchi with Mayura, a Brahmin youth challenging an arrogant wrestler and defeating him. Mayura had never been formally trained and had only learned techniques of wrestling by observing other wrestlers. As a Brahmin, he was required to study Vedas, yet he was deeply interested in martial arts and after this wrestling encounter, Ranga Jetti (M. P. Shankar), the premier wrestler in Kanchi, takes him under his wing and trains him. After becoming proficient in all the martial arts, one day, while observing the training of Pallava princes, Mayura accidentally gets into a fight with and gives a thrashing to Vishnugopa (Vajramuni), the Pallava prince, thereby earning his enmity.
After this, Mayura has to flee Kanchi as per the advice of Ranga Jetti, to escape from pursuing Pallavas. He also then learns that he is in fact the son of Raja Chandravarma, the Kadamba king who was killed by deceit by the Pallava king, Sivaskandhavarma. Upon learning from his father's minister about his Kshatriya antecedents and his illustrious lineage, Mayura dedicates himself to throw the Pallava (foreign) yoke and liberate his motherland. Returning to Banavasi in the guise of a merchant called Nilakanthagupta, Mayura builds a following and an army. Through clever strategies, he conquers both Banavasi and the Telugu speaking regions around Srishaila, thus building a vast kingdom.
While the film builds the rivalry between Vishnugopa and Mayura, it also throws light on the mutually admiring friendship between Mayura and the Pallava crown prince (Srinath) and also on the growing love between Mayura and the Pallava princess Premavati (Manjula). In the end, Vishnugopa overcomes his anger and hatred towards Mayura, who marries Premavati, with the blessings of Sivaskandhavarma himself
Run Time179 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (Novel)Devudu Narasimha Shastri
Music DirectorG K Venkatesh
ProducerT P Venugopal
CinematographyAnnayya, Mallik
Writer (Lyrics)Chi Udaya Shankar
Writer (Dialogue)Chi Udaya Shankar
Film EditingN C Rajan, P Babu
Assistant DirectorT Krishna, Raju
Art DirectorB Chalam
ChoreographyUdupi B Jayaram
Makeupvishwanath, Doreswamy Naidu, Muguru P Guru, Keshava
Playback SingerP B Srinivas, S Janaki, Dr Rajkumar
Production ManagerRamanna, M Shivaji rao
CostumeP Doraikannu, N S Thangappan
Director (Associate)Bangalore Nagesh
Production (Banner)Ramesh Movies
StuntsY Shivayya, Stunt Rathnam
Sound Recording (Songs)R Ramanathan
Sound Recording (Dialogues)Gandhi, P J Lakshman, A Govindaswamy
Sound Recording (Rerecording)D Mohana Sundaram
Costume DesignK Nageshwara Rao

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