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10th February 2006- Comedy, Drama
Some unemployed youth come seeking the position of the head of Monastery, who gets the seat?
Director: Guruprasad

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Movie NameMata
Original Language Nameಮಠ
Alternative NamesMatha ,
English TranslationMonastery
Release Date10th February 2006
Languages Kannada
StorylineSome unemployed youth come seeking the position of the head of Monastery, who gets the seat?
Story SummaryMovie starts with a taxi driver Venkatesha (Jaggesh) welcoming Sister Martha (played by Pari) to Bangalore. He needs to drive her to a matha in Thirthahalli and he starts narrating a story to make the journey interesting, interspersed with sub-stories.

The fore-said matha has an asylum taking care of handicapped orphans and a rare temple of Lord Brahma.He narrates about this matha, whose chief is a skirt-chaser and goes to the extent of playing the flute to girls over the phone just to impress upon them. Soon enough, the chief decides to part with the post in order join his wife back.

In unique circumstances, the manager and administrator of matha, Appayya (R. N. Sudarshan) advertises in news papers declaring vacancy for "Chief of Matha". At this point, breaking the fourth wall, R. N. Sudarshan enacting the role of Appayya declines to read out the dialogues about placing a news paper ad about vacant Chief of Matha position. Director Guruprasad makes a cameo entry bombarding Appayya to enact his role, as he is paid to do just that viz., read out the dialogues.

The introduction scene of the film is fabulous as all the characters are invited with vedic hymns, "Asathoma Sadgamaya", which signifies the light in all directions. Tabla Nani as Venugopala nickname packet, Sudheendra as Chintamani, Shashidhar Bhat as Shashidhar bhat, Mandya Ramesh as Mandya Nagesh, Vaijanath Biradar as Kosta alias Sidda and Jaggesh as Venkatesha take the film on their shoulders. It is a great master piece that has every essence from crisp dialogues to a meaningful and soul stirring script.

The characters are neglected by the society, their quest for a societal status and food drives them to do all kinds of things to just remain in the training period as they want to avoid destitution. Givne that it is a multi layere plot, the narrator (Jaggesh) infuses tit-bits of stories to the viewer and seamlessly weaves them with the main plot. For example, the comedy scenes involving Nagaraj Murthy as a desperate king, who wants to build a mausoleum for his wife, are hilarious and signifies the hold on making the audience waiting for the intuitiveness of the next scene. Sudarshan has given a great modification of a cool head who always emphasize Dharma, manager's role orchestrated by Sadananda, who is at his comical best.

The story progresses through the many travails of all the six apprentices, who fight for their place under the sun. This process takes them on a journey which transforms their previous meaningless lives into a completely different dimension. The plot also explores the many illegal activities that run behind the scenes in a mutt.

In the end, Jaggesh and the others realize the true meaning of life, and they each adopt a profession best suited to their personality. Sister Martha is revealed to be a guardian angel for the financially ailing mutt when she donates a substantial amount of money for its betterment. The movie ends with Jaggesh thanking sister Martha, and Guruprasad and Sudarshan sharing a small but lively conversation about the outcome of the story.
Run Time147 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)Guruprasad
Writer (Screenplay)Guruprasad
Music DirectorUdayaravi, V Manohar
ProducerM Kantharaj, K P Srikanth
Executive ProducerM Kantharaj, K P Srikanth
CinematographySanthosh Rai Pathaje
Writer (Lyrics)V Manohar, Kaviraj, Chathurmukha, K R Seetarama Sastry
Writer (Dialogue)Guruprasad
Film EditingB S Kemparaj
Assistant DirectorManju Mandavya, Raghavendra Nayak, Shakthi Velu, A R Sridhar
Art DirectorNaveen Arya
Sound RecordingPrashanth, Ramesh, Umesh
ChoreographyChandra Mayur
MakeupBahuroopi Nani, K Made Gowda(Jaggesh)
Playback SingerB Jayashree, Gurukiran, C Ashwath, Chaitra H G, Hemanth Kumar, Chetan Sosca
Production ManagerWhite & White Ramanna, Babu Kanakapura
CostumeRamanath Babu
Publicity DesignNagabhushan Ghee Chee
Director (Associate)Umesh L Kottur
Production (Banner)Company Films
StuntsJolly Bastin
PresenterR Srinivas
Public RelationsD V Sudheendra
Dubbing ArtistJairam, Manju Mandavya, Mahesh, Sudarshan, Srikanth, Sunethra, Yuktha, Jairaj, Nayana
sound effects editorV Rajan

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