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4th December 2009- Drama, Romance
Malebille(Rainbow). A 2009 Kannada Drama, Romance movie by K Mahesh Sukhadhare starring: Akshay, Prajna, Amogh

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Movie NameMalebille
Original Language Nameಮಳೆಬಿಲ್ಲೇ
English TranslationRainbow
Release Date4th December 2009
Languages Kannada
Story SummaryThe story begins with Anand (Akshay) who is a carefree vagabond but then he is sincere in one thing- his love for Anjali. However, she is quite a focused girl and wants to become a software professional. As expected, Anjali doesn’t care for Akshay and added to that, she ends up having problems whenever he is around. At a crucial time, Anjali is duped by someone and she loses her money to be used for education. With frustration, she plans to commit suicide but her life is saved. Meanwhile, she gets her stolen money back and also gets a good job. Anand is still the same guy who works in a motor shop and his love doesn't change. But, Anjali falls for Akash (Diganth), her colleague
Run Time138 Mins
Censor Ratingu/a

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