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13th February 2009- Drama
Kurunadu(Karnataka). A 2009 Kannada Drama movie by G Murthy starring: Dattatreya, Lakshmi Hegde, Karthik Kumar
Director: G Murthy
Keywords: karnataka

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Movie NameKurunadu
Original Language Nameಕುರುನಾಡು
English TranslationKarnataka
Release Date13th February 2009
Languages Kannada
Story SummaryThe story begins on the backdrop of a remote island that goes by the name of 'Kurunadu'. True to its name, the inhabitants of this place have no clue as to what is happening outside and where the world is heading. The reason for this is the Brahmin Shankara Bhatta (Dattanna) who has an iron grip over the place and he has his own motives. He does not want a bridge to connect the island to the outside world since that would encourage influx and damage the environment and also his grip would be lost. However, all his glory changes with the arrival of his new daughter in law, the beautiful Suruchi (Lakshmi) who hails from the city and is well educated. In no time, she realizes what is happening and much to the anger and dismay of Shankara Bhatta and family, she reaches out to the tribals and starts bringing about a change in them. Shankara Bhatta is agitated by this but then as fate would have it, he is attacked by an illness. Suruchi enters the scene and with the help of tribals she restores his health.
Run Time121 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)G Murthy
Writer (Screenplay)G Murthy
Music DirectorPravin Godkhindi
ProducerH K Srinivasa
CinematographyP K H Das
Writer (Dialogue)Sathyamurthy Ananduru
Film EditingB S Kemparaj
Art DirectorG Murthy
Sound RecordingV N Hema
Production ManagerPrakash Madhugiri
StillsV Chandrashekhar
Production (Banner)M S Films
PresenterK R Prema
Production ControllerSriraj Kotari
Public RelationsNagendra, Babu
Dubbing ArtistChampa Shetty
Costume DesignManjula Murthy
sound effects editorRajan

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