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29th December 1995- Drama
Story about an old woman who has to deal with complex relationships with people of different generations she is put up with
Director: Girish Kasaravalli
Keywords: village

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Movie NameKraurya
Original Language Nameಕ್ರೌರ್ಯ
English TranslationCruelty
Release Date29th December 1995
Languages Kannada
StorylineStory about an old woman who has to deal with complex relationships with people of different generations she is put up with
Story SummaryKraurya is the story of Rangajji, a widow who loves to tell stories of fantasy to the children of her village. Rangajji's hardships start when her only son dies young mysteriously. Rangajji goes to live with a distant relative of hers, only to receive a cold welcome. Life goes on endlessly for Rangajji. She longs to tell stories to children, but her freedom is severely restricted. While she spends every day in boredom, Murty the youngest son of the family becomes close to Rangajji. Rangajji feels a new lease of life when the eldest son of the family Subbanna decides to go to Bangalore to start his own private business. Rangajji lends the money Subbanna needs, thinking that Subbanna might help her find her husband's close friend Mr.Padmanabiah in Bangalore. Subbanna leaves for Bangalore. After a few months Rangajji leaves for Bangalore along with Murty only to receive another cold welcome from Subbanna. She tries to find Mr.Padmanabiah with Murty's help. When her search ends, she comes to know that Mr.Padmanabiah is no more. Her last ray of hope dims out and leaves her in a state of mental shock, desperation and defeat. She loses her will to live. Murty decides to take her back to the village. But a spate of events during the journey back to the village leaves Rangajji physically wounded. Murty tries to take control of the situation, but a small boy that he is, he fails. The climax of the film shows Rangajji in an unconscious state lying in the police station, while Murty afraid the police might arrest him for murder makes a desperate getaway.
Run Time118 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)T N Seetharam
Writer (Screenplay)Girish Kasaravalli
Music DirectorL Vaidyanathan
ProducerNirmala Chitagopi
Executive ProducerSadanand Suvarna
CinematographyS Ramachandra
Writer (Dialogue)H S Venkatesh Murthy
Film EditingM N Swamy
Art DirectorSuresh Hanagal
MakeupN Kumar
Production ManagerBEML Somanna
Director (Associate)Savanth, Yogaraj Bhat, Ashok Varadan, Vaishali Kasaravalli
Production (Banner)Nirmala Chithra
Sound Recording (Songs)Mahendra
Sound Recording (Dialogues)Kodandapani, Saravanan, Vijaykumar
Sound Recording (Rerecording)Mahendra
Dubbing ArtistS K Padmadevi, G V Shivanand, Neelatthalli Kasthuri, Srinath, Sundarashree, Jairaj, Shivamurthy, Sringeri Ramanna
Costume DesignVaishali Kasaravalli

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