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29th May 2009- Drama
Kalakar(Artist). A 2009 Kannada Drama movie by Harish Raj starring: Harish Raj, Radhika Gandhi, Suman Ranganathan
Director: Harish Raj

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Movie NameKalakar
Original Language Nameಕಲಾಕಾರ್
Alternative NamesKalaakaar ,
English TranslationArtist
Release Date29th May 2009
Languages Kannada
Story SummaryThe story begins with Hari (Harish) who is the pampered son of a rich family and though he gets the affection of his mother and grandmother, his father (Avinash) is quite strict and believes in coming up the hard way. He wants his son to take up a job and learn about life but then Hari is keen on becoming an actor. Due to his interest, he gets in touch a film director who demands huge money from him. Hari manages to take loan and gives it but the director is a fake and cheats him. With no other choice, Hari steals documents from his home and this gets exposed. He is kicked out of home and Hari joins the film industry as a clap assistant. The story takes a turn when a scuffle happens between the lead hero of the film and the director and Hari is made the hero. He is also given support by the leading heroine (Suman) but then the hero uses his influence to cause problems to the film. Meanwhile, there is also a love triangle as Hari is in love with Priyanka (Radhika) while the heroine (Suman) also is in love with him.
Run Time122 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)Harish Raj, Yogananda Muddan
Writer (Screenplay)Harish Raj
Music DirectorGiridhar Diwan
ProducerThe Bangalore Pictures Company
CinematographyH M Ramachandra
Writer (Lyrics)Hari Giri, V Manohar, Kaviraj
Writer (Dialogue)Yogananda Muddan
Film EditingSri
Assistant DirectorDinesh
Art DirectorEshwari Kumar
ChoreographyPratham Mayur
MakeupDinesh Achar C A
Playback SingerShaan, Shankar Mahadevan, Mangala, Rajesh Krishnan, Kunal Ganjawala
Production ManagerChandrappa
CostumeK Ganesh
Publicity DesignVinod Adithyan
Director (Associate)Savanth, Manju Jagate
Production (Banner)The Bangalore Pictures Company
Sound Recording (Songs)Akash Audio Video Pvt. Ltd
Sound Recording (Dialogues)Anand, Naveen
Sound Recording (Rerecording)Akash Audio Video Pvt. Ltd
Public RelationsSudheendra Venkatesh
Dubbing ArtistB T Manjunath, Ranjani, Asha
sound effects editorRajan
DTSAkash Audio Video Pvt. Ltd

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