Just Pass (35/100) Movie Poster

Just Pass (35/100)

(ಜಸ್ಟ್ ಪಾಸ್ (೩೫/೧೦೦))
26th March 2010- Comedy, Drama
A 2010 Kannada Comedy, Drama movie by Deepak H T starring: Vikram Joshi, Shwetha Murthy, Raghu
Director: Deepak H T

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Movie NameJust Pass (35/100)
Original Language Nameಜಸ್ಟ್ ಪಾಸ್ (೩೫/೧೦೦)
Release Date26th March 2010
Languages Kannada
Story SummaryThe story is set on the backdrop of a college and here is Priti (Shweta), the blue eyed girl of the college. Wherever she goes, it is a different fragrance and there are many admirers for her. Among them are three lads – first is Ankur (Vikram) who is a friend of sorts of Priti, however, this friendship is not digested well by Shiva (Raghu) who is known for his strong built and physique. Now, both Ankur and Shiva are in love with Priti but they never express their love. To add to this comes the third guy (Manojava) into college and even he tries to explain his feelings to her. Before that can happen, Priti goes ahead and marries a guy of her choice
Run Time121 Mins
Censor Ratingu/a

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)Deepak H T
Writer (Screenplay)Deepak H T
Music DirectorPranava
ProducerDeepak H T, Sathya, Yashwanth, J Santhosh
CinematographySandeep Kumar
Writer (Lyrics)Pranava, Swaroop Gururaj
Writer (Dialogue)Deepak H T
Film EditingSathya
Art DirectorDinesh Mangalore
ChoreographyChallenging Soori
Playback SingerVineeth Sreenivasan, Abhishek V Palnde, Sangeetha M R, vijay urs, Vaishakh G, Abhijeeth, J V Krishna, Sathish Aryan, V Pradeep Kumar, Guru
Production ManagerGirish Chikkon
Director (Associate)Kiran Kumar
Production (Banner)Kasthuri Nivasa Films
Public RelationsVijaykumar

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