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Gul Sanobar

(गुल सनोबर)
1934- Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction
Persian folklore involving the adventure of King of Yemen
Director: Homi Master

Movie Cast

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Ghulam Mohammed Ghulam Mohammed Sanobar
Ruby Myers Ruby Myers Princess of Sistan
Peerjaan Peerjaan King of Yemen
Dinshaw Billimoria Dinshaw Billimoria Umar, good prince
Abdul Kader Abdul Kader Mubarak
Zubeida Zubeida
Chanda Chanda
Jillo bai Jillo bai
Laxmi Laxmi

Movie Details

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Movie NameGul Sanobar
Original Language Nameगुल सनोबर
Release Date1934
Languages Hindi
StorylinePersian folklore involving the adventure of King of Yemen
Story SummaryThe movie is based on a Persian fantasy and adventure. Mubarak (Kader) kidnaps Sanobar (Mohammed), the son of the king of Yemen (Peerjan) and raises him in the forest. Prompted by Mubarak, Sanobar attacks the king returning from a hunt, but is caught, condemned to be locked up in a box and thrown into the sea. A fakir teaches the king the language of the animals, warning him not to pass on the skill to any other humans. Listening to two birds, the king realizes that Sanobar is his own son. The queen (Jilloo), learning that the king has special linguistic powers, forces him to teach them to her as well. He does so and becomes paralyzed. Only a flower from the mouth of Meherangez, the princess of Sistan (Sulochana) can save him. Umar (Bilimoria), the good prince, attempts the task
Run Time154 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (Screenplay)Homi Master
Music DirectorPransukh Nayak Gadgil

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