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18th January 2008- Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance
Story of three friends who visit a village for the holiday find Love
Director: Yogaraj Bhat

Movie Cast

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Golden Star Ganesh Golden Star Ganesh Gani
Ananth Nag Ananth Nag
Rajesh Krishnan Rajesh Krishnan Kitty
Diganth Diganth Diganth
Daisy Bopanna Daisy Bopanna Soumya
Neethu Neethu Radha
Bhavana Rao Bhavana Rao Pavani
Rangayana Raghu Rangayana Raghu Byregowda, Ganesh's father
Rajaram Rajaram Diganth's grandfather
Padmaja Rao Padmaja Rao Padma
Sudha Belawadi Sudha Belawadi Ganesh's mother
Dayal Padmanabhan Dayal Padmanabhan Dracula
Ninasam Ashwath Ninasam Ashwath Inspector
Vanishree Vanishree Ganesh's sister

Movie Details

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Movie NameGaalipata
Original Language Nameಗಾಳಿಪಟ
English TranslationKite
Release Date18th January 2008
Languages Kannada
StorylineStory of three friends who visit a village for the holiday find Love
Story SummaryThree childhood friends — Ganesh (Ganesh), an MBA graduate; Diganth (Diganth), a medical student and Kitty (Rajesh Krishnan), an engineer; are caught by cops drunk driving on a night in Bangalore. They use Ganesh's father (Rangayana Raghu), a legislator's influence to get away. The latter visits the next day to enquire and on learning Ganesh's ways, leaves furiously. To cheer up Kitty who went through a breakup with girlfriend and to free themselves, the three arrive at the house of Diganth's grandfather in Mugilpete.

Once there, they are introduced to and begin to stay at the outhouse of Kodandaram (Anant Nag), an avid hunter, the neighbor and friend of Diganth's grandfather. Kodandaram, now handicapped from a hunting accident and confined to a wheelchair, lives with his wife Padma (Padmaja Rao), daughter-in-law Sowmya (Daisy Bopanna), and daughters Radha (Neethu) and Pavani (Bhavana Rao). Sowmya is widowed and teaches the village children; Radha, a student of Ayurveda, practices it alongside looking over the family's farming land; and Pavani is a student doing her pre-university course. Ganesh, a foodie, is fascinated on learning of Kodandaram's hunting spoils and persuades him to join them in hunting the very wild boar down that left his legs crippled two years ago, after the latter's family reluctantly accedes. At the forest, Kodandaram accidentally shoots Diganth in the chest, but is saved by a gong he had worn around his neck, thus only injuring him. They embark on another and final venture to kill the boar. As the boar approaches a rifle-wielding and wheelchair-bound Kodandaram, he gets up on his feet as an impulse and refuses to shoot it, thankful for bringing him back to his feet again, and calls it an incarnation of varaha.

As days pass by, Diganth develops feeling towards Radha, who reciprocates, and Pavani towards Kitty, who falls in love with her as well. Kodandaram and Padma approve of their relationship and decide to fix their wedding. Ganesh, in love with Sowmya, first tries confessing his feelings for her in writing, on a kite which on flying accidentally unstrings and flies away. Dejected, and eager to marry her, he speaks to her, and despite having developed a liking for him, she refuses. She decides to take up an offer for a job with an NGO in Switzerland and leaves for the nearest airport, when Ganesh accompanies, to drop her. Wishing to fly kites with the village kids across the river one last time, they use a coracle to cross it. Just as Sowmya confesses her feelings for him, the coracle capsizes as they encounter a rapid. Ganesh saves her from drowning, when she confides in him.
Run Time145 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)Yogaraj Bhat
Writer (Screenplay)Yogaraj Bhat
Music DirectorV Harikrishna
ProducerN Suryaprakash Rao
Executive ProducerDayal Padmanabhan
CinematographyR. Rathnavelu
Writer (Lyrics)Jayant Kaikini, Hrudaya Shiva, Yogaraj Bhat
Writer (Dialogue)Yogaraj Bhat
Film EditingSuresh Urs
Assistant DirectorShiva, Veerendra, Purushottham, Shreyas Sudheendra, Uday
Art DirectorShashidhar Adapa
ChoreographyHarini Madan, Shankar, Imran Sardhariya
MakeupPrabhakar(Ganesh), Ramakrishna
Playback SingerVijay Prakash, Sonu Nigam, K S Chithra, Tippu, Anuradha Sriram, Kunal Ganjawala, Udit Narayan
Production ExecutiveT N L Shastry, A N Mohan, Raju Mysore, Suresh Mysore, Mahesh, M Umesh
StillsV R Chandru
Publicity DesignSai
Director (Associate)Jairaj, Veeresh
Production (Banner)SPR Entertainments (India) Pvt. Ltd.
StuntsRavivarma, Jolly Bastin
Sound Recording (Songs)Mahesh, A N Thukaram
Sound Recording (Dialogues)Naveen, Anand
Production ControllerKuni Reddy Srinivas
Public RelationsSudheendra Venkatesh
Costume DesignIrene Philip
sound effects editorRajan
DTSKumar, Mahesh, A N Thukaram

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