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Doodh Sagar

(ದೂಧ್ ಸಾಗರ್)
26th September 2014- Drama, Romance
Director: Samuel Tony
Keywords: murder

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Movie NameDoodh Sagar
Original Language Nameದೂಧ್ ಸಾಗರ್
Release Date26th September 2014
Languages Kannada
Story SummaryAs the story opens, we’re introduced to Harini (Deepika Das), who’s heartbroken after the loss of her lover Justine Robert. On her way to his grave near Doodh Sagar falls, she meets Akash (Akshay) and gets attached to him. In due course of time, she gets to know that Akash is a rapist and murderer. Then Akash reveals his side of the story. He was in love with village belle Archana (Deepika) but his sister and brother-in-law (Neenasam Ashwath) didn’t approve of the relationship. One fine day, Archana is found dead in the village pond and Akash is accused of killing her
Run Time130 Mins

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