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1935- Biography, Drama, White and Black
1935 Marathi biopic "Dharmatma" on life and times of Sant Eknath. A legendary stage actor and singer "Bal Gandharva" plays roll of Sant Eknath. Sant Eknath worked to eliminate social injustice based on a caste

Movie Cast

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Bal Gandharva Bal Gandharva Sant Eknath
Ratna prabha Ratna prabha Girja
Vasanti Vasanti Jarye
Master Chhotu Master Chhotu Shrikhandya
Keshav Narayan Kale Keshav Narayan Kale Hari Pandit
Chandra Mohan Chandra Mohan Mahant
Buwa Saheb Buwa Saheb

Movie Details

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Movie NameDharmatma
Original Language Nameधर्मात्मा
Alternative NamesSant Eknath ,
English TranslationThe Holy Year
Release Date1935
Languages Hindi
Storyline1935 Marathi biopic "Dharmatma" on life and times of Sant Eknath. A legendary stage actor and singer "Bal Gandharva" plays roll of Sant Eknath. Sant Eknath worked to eliminate social injustice based on a caste
Story SummaryThis saint film is about Sant Eknath (1533-99), a major Marathi poet, author of the Eknathi Bhagvata and numerous abhangas evoking folk poetry, especially the bharuda form of solo performances. The film focuses on Eknath's humanitarian defence of the 'untouchable' castes. Opposed by the evil Mahant (Kelkar/Chandramohan), Eknath becomes a social outcast when he arranges to have the lower-caste people fed before the Brahmins during a prayer meeting at his house, compounding the offence by going to eat in one of their houses. The drama is heightened by Eknath's son Hari Pandit (Kale) who joins the ranks of the opposition. The happy ending occurs when the film transcends the food motif and Eknath defends himself by reading his poems to the Pradayananda Shastri of Kashi.


Eknath was a major saint of the Varakari Sampradaya founded by Dnanadeva. Born in 1533 at Paithan, Eknath lost his parents at an early age and was brought up by his grandfather. Eknath's great-grandfather was Shri Bhanudas (1448-1513), a major figure in the Vitthala sect at Pandharpur.

Eknath was initiated by his guru, Janardana, a devotee of Dattatreya. Eknath was unique since he combined a blend of Vedanta and Sufism. Eknath was a devout gurubhakta and wrote under the name of Eka-janardana meaning eka of janardana.

A profilic writer, he wrote Bhavartha Ramayana, numerous abhangas (unbroken verses and a prolongation of the famous ovi meter) and bharudas (short poems with two meanings, one secular and the other spiritual). However, his major work was Eknath Bhagavata, a Marathi commentary on the 11th skanda of the Bhagavata Purana. Started in 1570, it has over eighteen thousand ovis and was completed in 1573. In the work, Eknath stresses on the uplifting value of kirtana (singing God's names), remembrance of God's name (namasmarana) and meditation (dhyana) of the name. He explains beautifully the nine traditional limbs of the bhakti marga (navangani) with examples from saints.

Eknath distinguished two forms of Bhakti to Saguna Brahman (God with form) : as an end in itself and as a means. Generally, the Advaitic tradition identifies with the latter, considering that meditation of God with form does not lead to moksha (liberation) but only to krama-mukti (gradual liberation). However, a person who attains krama-mukti is freed from samsara (the cycle of births, deaths, and rebirths).

Eknath's Bhagavata popularized the Vedanta philosophy to a great extent. Shri Ranade, a modern day historian, notes that `With Dnanadeva, philosophy reigned in the clouds; with Eknatha, it came down upon earth and dwelt among men
Story TaglineBalGandharva Prabhat Picture
Run Time152 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)Keshav Narayan Kale
Writer (Screenplay)Keshav Narayan Kale
Music DirectorMaster Krishnarao
Production CompanyPrabhat Film Company
CinematographyV. Avadhoot
Writer (Lyrics)Narottam Vyas
Writer (Dialogue)Keshav Narayan Kale


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Song: ► Play Bhav Toch Dev..Bhav Toch Dev...
Singer:Bal Gandharva
Music:Master Krishnarao

Song: ► Play Shri hari Dina daya prabhu
Singer:Bal Gandharva
Music:Master Krishnarao

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