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16th April 1993- Action, Drama
Series of mishaps turn a man's life into painful existence
Director: T S Nagabharana
Keywords: police officer

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Movie NameAakasmika
Original Language Nameಆಕಸ್ಮಿಕ
Alternative NamesAkasmika ,
English TranslationAccidental
Release Date16th April 1993
Languages Kannada
StorylineSeries of mishaps turn a man's life into painful existence
Story SummaryPrologue A vehicle drives up to a graveyard and policeman emerges from within carrying a wreath. He walks up to one of the graves and pays his respects. The policeman is revealed to be (Rajkumar).

Act - 1

Murthy (Rajkumar) is in a train compartment with Indira (Geetha) and

Vyasaraya (Vajramuni). Vyasaraya and Murthy start small talk about drama, music and stuff.

Vyasaraya tells Murthy that he is taking Indira to a drama company. On goading from Vyasaraya, Murthy sings "Anuragada". Indira takes an instant liking to Murthy.

Meanwhile Vyasaraya gets down the train to get some coffee; sees a man in a long coat and hides from the man in long coat. He almost misses the train and luckily Murthy opens the door just in time to let Vyasaraya into the train.

Vyasaraya tells Murthy the story that the man in long coat is a pimp prying on unmarried girls like Indira. He asks Murthy to look after Indira until he returns and gets off the train.

The man (Inspector Rajagopal) in long coat comes to Murthy and Indira and tells them that Vyasaraya is actually the pimp and has made a living cheating innocent girls like Indira - before Murthy can reveal to the cop about Vyasaraya he gets down the train and Vyasaraya reappears. This time he has a knife; Murthy fights Vyasaraya and tries to find Inspector Rajagopal but cannot find her. In panic, Indira gets off the train so does Murthy - they try to find a place to stay the night in Traveler's Bungalow. Indira is impressed by Murthy's gentle behavior and the director sneaks in dream sequence song "Ee Kannigu Hennigu"

Indira reveals to Murthy that Vyasaraya paid Rs.1000/- to her poor mother with the promise that he'll ensure that Indira joins a drama company. Indira asks Murthy to drop to her hometown of Navilukere near Sagar - she wants to go back to her mom and 2 younger sisters. He agrees to drop her to her hometown in the morning; unfortunately in the morning Vyasaraya and his henchmen attack Murthy who suffers a head injury - Vyasaraya elopes with Indira not to be seen anywhere.

Murthy is devastated and reaches out to Inspector Rajagopal to find Indira but with no luck. We get to see Murthy's mom (Pandari Bai) and his friends Sundar Raj, Umesh and Mandeep Rai.

Act - 2

Murthy is slowly trying to regain his life back after Indira episode until he sees a drunk woman Clara (Madhavi) driving her Premier Padmini on railway tracks. Murthy being the gentlemen as ever finds out that she's staying in Gulmohar suite and drives her home. There he meets Clara's brother Anthony who reveals why Clara started drinking in first place - Clara is engaged to get married to Reggie (Avinash). Reggie is revealed to be a drunk as well as womanizer who is caught cheating with Clara's best friend. This drives Clara to alcoholism. To ensure a change of scenery - Anthony brings Clara to Murthy's town (I guess a hill station like Agumbe); but obviously the change has not worked as Clara is revealed to be drinking even during the day.

One day, Murthy comes to Clara's place looking for Anthony and both of them have an argument about merits of alcoholism. Clara has turned out to become a misogynist - Murthy tries to change her mind with aid of yet another song "Baaluvantha Hoove". At the end of the song Clara comes to realize that she needs to give up alcohol.

Clara and Murthy seem to take a liking for each other - however Murthy also has a hard time forgetting his past. Seeing trains always makes him depressed. During one of their many walks, Murthy reveals to Clara about Indira and Clara is even impressed that Murthy has found a way to cope with his loss.

Both Clara and Murthy decide to get married - they have a Hindu wedding and head to Agumbe for honeymoon in a brand new Contessa - and right on cue is the song "Agumbe". Clara and Murthy stand at a view point waiting to watch the sunset when Murthy runs back to their car to fetch a flask of coffee. The wooden railings, against which Clara is leaning, give way and she falls down the rock-face to hear death leaving a hapless Murthy behind. Murthy trudges down the ravine himself hoping to rescue her but of no avail. Murthy awakens in a hospital, surrounded by his mother and friends. He is informed of Clara's demise and we cut back to opening graveyard scene. His friends turn up, hoping to cheer him up but Murthy tells them that he is doing fine, life's vicissitudes have only made him stronger.

Act - 3 Murthy goes about his usual activities and we see him specifically taking a harsh stance on offenses against women. He then makes his way to the Central Jail looking for a woman by name Anandhi who has been in prison for three years. He is told that she is on her death bed in the hospital. At the hospital we learn that in her past life she was a madam at a brothel - Murthy would like her to aid his investigation and she insists that as quid pro quo Murthy should convince her estranged daughter Dr. Sarala who works in Mumbai to see her. Dr. Sarala is reluctant at first but is convinced by her husband to visit her ailing mother. Anandhi is overwhelmed to see her daughter but she dies before Murthy can get any information from her leaving Murthy with another dead end.

Later Murthy receives a letter from Anandhi which mentions that while she doesn't know where they are, the names of her three associates are Vyasaraya, Tipparaju, Kaatayya. Murthy sets his men on their trail. He then collects some letters from the late Anandhi's belongings.

Murthy's subordinates locate a man by the name Kaatesh who seems to have recently amassed a significant amount of wealth. Murthy calls Kaatesh under the false pretext of having recovered some stolen jewellery and vessels that belong to him. When Kaatesh denies having ever been burgled, Murthy convinces him to come to the police station to make a statement in writing. Having obtained a handwriting sample thus he sends it off to be compared with the letters found among Anandhi's belongings. The comparison reveals that Kaatesh is indeed Kaatayya.

Murthy then brings Kaatesh in having taken Kaatesh's daughters into custody earlier for leverage. Under duress Kaatesh reveals that Tipparaju is dead but Vyasaraya lives in Hubli.

Murthy heads to Hubli in search of Vyasaraya. He locates the house where Vyasaraya is running his prostitution racket. Murthy goes into the house disguised as an elderly Muslim man. He locates Vyasaraya's right-hand man and thrashes him into submission to reveal that Vysaraya left for Bangalore in that evening's train. Murthy follows the train and boards it in the next station. While searching for Vyasaraya, Murthy notices a girl running and being chased by a couple of goons on the platform. He gets off the train and gives them a chase. When he catches up with the girl, he realizes it is Indira. Indira shows very violent traits trying to attack Murthy thinking he is one of the Vysaraya's henchman. Upon realizing it is Murthy, she breaks down and reveals what happened after Vysaraya took her from the Travelers Bungalow in a brief flashback - Indira kills the guy who tries to molest her and she is constantly on the run since. In the present, Vyasaraya appears with his goons and very sarcastically mentions that it has been his pleasure to snatch Indira from Murthy every time. A fight ensues and Murthy takes down the goons. Vyasaraya, trying to escape gets trapped on a railway track between one of the cross wedges. Seeing an oncoming train he panics and is unable to pull his leg out. Murthy tries to set him free, but Indira pull him back seconds before the train hits Vyasaraya head-on and killing him instantly. With Vyasaraya dead, Indira heaves a sigh of relief. Murthy and Indira walk back into the darkness and the titles start rolling.
Run Time143 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (Novel)Ta Ra Subba Rao(Based on Story "Aakasmika-Aparadhi-Parinama")
Writer (Screenplay)T S Nagabharana
Music DirectorHamsalekha
ProducerS A Govindaraj
CinematographyS V SriKanth
Writer (Lyrics)Hamsalekha
Writer (Dialogue)Chi Udaya Shankar
Film EditingP Bhakthavathsalam
ChoreographyUdupi B Jayaram, Thara
Playback SingerManjula Gururaj, Dr Rajkumar
CostumeAnjaneya Rao
StillsRaju Venkatesh, Praveen Nayak
Publicity DesignGangadhar
Director (Associate)Raghunandan, P Sheshadri
Production (Banner)Nirupama Art Combines
StuntsN K Swamy
PresenterDr Rajkumar
Sound Recording (Songs)V B C Menon
Sound Recording (Dialogues)Kodandapani
Sound Recording (Rerecording)V B C Menon
Production ControllerVikram Srinivas
Public RelationsR S Harish
Dubbing ArtistRa Sri Naidu, Shyamala, Rajendra, Sarvamangala, Veena, Murali

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